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Construction of fountains

Nova is one of the most modern companies in Ukraine, which deals with the design, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of water, heat pipelines, urban, light-music, floating fountain complexes, and the production of garden and park sculpture.

The company was founded in 1993 in the Dnieper (Ukraine).

In record time, the company of 5 employees grew to a company with a staff of more than 40 people, among them highly professional designers, engineers, architects, designers, sculptors and technicians. We have been working for a long time not only in Ukraine, but also in the CIS countries and foreign countries

Feature of the company Nova is the production of fountains of various types and purposes, focused on the needs of customers.

Fountains with laser shows are one of the most popular today. The combination of interesting, architectural solutions in symbiosis with modern technologies can turn a fountain attraction into a real representation.

A special place in the company's activity is the design and construction of light-musical fountains. Light-musical fountains created by Nova company are becoming the hallmark of cities and tourist centers, as well as shopping and entertainment complexes

Nova makes fountains with illumination, fountains with color illumination and fountains with dynamic lighting.

Construction of fountains Kiev

Expensive are the masterpieces of water and light that now adorn and the city of the Dnieper and other cities of Ukraine. It is the fountains that make the parks, squares and squares of the city a favorite place of rest and pastime.

Unusual beauty, magic have floating fountains - fountains that are built on water. Light-dynamic and light-music ... These beautiful creations every time fascinate the eye of a passerOwn production, unusual design ideas and high-quality performance allowed Nova company to realize hundreds of garden fountains and sculptures, decorative waterfalls and reservoirs, which amaze with their elegance and grace.
A new direction in the company's activities, which has already gained popularity among customers, is the construction of complex pools with elements of the water park.

Company Nova carries out service and seasonal maintenance of fountains.

And also offers professional equipment for fountains from the world's leading manufacturers of equipment.

For each project, Nova is of equal importance and responsibility.

This approach to the business allowed the company to deserve the status of a reliable manufacturer.

The company repeatedly received letters of gratitude, became the winner of competitions and received breast badges of distinction.

Nova has been working since 1993 in the production of fountains and the company's experience is its main intangible asset.

The computer fountain program developed by Nova's specialists allows employees of the technical department to independently and in the shortest possible time eliminate any malfunctions in the work of the fountain. This eliminates the challenge of expensive specialists from Germany. That significantly reduces the material costs of the client and saves his time.
Another important advantage of the company is a comprehensive approach. In the production of each product, Nova carries out a full cycle of works: starting with the design development, ending with the commissioning of the facility.

Nova has representative offices in Kiev, a branch in the Crimea and in Dzhankoy.

The company carries out projects not only in Ukraine. The geography of its clients also covers the CIS countries, European countries and countries of Asia.

Nova Company strives to erase borders and provide an opportunity for all comers, regardless of country and continent, to have a fountain of their dreams.

City fountains became an integral architectural part of the city

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Apologize page not translated

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Мы заказали в ЧП Нова классический фонтан с бассейном. Сначала хотели брать без подсветки, думали это лишние затраты. И только сейчас понимаем, что .....

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Our licenses and awards

Благодарность за строительство музыкально - цветового фонтана возле Академического театра оперы и балета, в г. Днепропетровске
Благодарность за лучший свето-музыкальный городской фонтан
Почетная Грамота за личный вклад в благоустройство г. Днепропетровска, строительство фонтана на набережной
Почетная Грамота за личный вклад в благоустройство г.Днепропетровска
Почетная Грамота за весомый вклад в благоустройство г. Кривого Рога, строительство фонтана с лазерным шоу
Почетная Грамота за весомый вклад в благоустройство г. Кривого Рога
Почетная Грамота за весомый вклад в благоустройство г. Днепропетровска, строительство светомузыкальных фонтанов
Почетная Грамота за весомый вклад в благоустройство г. Днепропетровска


Фонтаны городские, фонтаны садовые, Фонтаны светомузыкальные, Фонтаны плавающие, Фонтаны с лазерным шоу

Садово-парковая архитектура

Садово-парковая архитектура, арки, скамейки, столы, перголы, колонны, скамьи, лавки, балясины, перила

Landscape sculpture

Садово-парковая скульптура, вазоны, урны, гербы, скульптуры животных, скульптуры людей


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